SRG block board is carpenter friendly and remains durable with sectioning. SRG block board is tough and excellent, manufactured as per specifications of IS-1659, 2004.

SRG block board of BWP grade is manufactured with carefully seasoned pine wood as plumber core. It is mainly used for exterior use,but is good for interior use also.The top and bottom surfaces called face veneer are Gurjan hardwood (botanical name – dipterocarps) and the cross band is evolved by either Gurjan or Topical hardwood as per customer demand.

SRG block board is bonded with:

  • Synthetic phenolic resin in case of BWP grade product.
  • Aminoplast resin in case of MR grade product.

All the above referred resin are manufactured in our own modern resin plant with controlled parameters as suggested in Indian standard specification IS 848 1996 by our well qualified technical team.

SRG block board follows three tier preservative chemical treatment, hence is immune to attack of destroying micro organism.

First the lumber and veneer are treated in boron solution, then the adhesive follows mixing of organo-phosphorus compound. And finally the total BWP grade board is dipped into solution of boron compound along with copper and chromium.

Available in grades BWP (Boiling Water Proof) and MR (Moisture Resistant).

SRG Premium

SRG Premium

Born tough and excellent as per is 1659: 2004.
SRG Premium block board is free from any type of attacks by destroying micro-organism.

Special features:

  1. Standard thickness: 19 mm, 25 mm
  2. Sizes: 8’ x4’, 7’x4’,6’x4’,8’x3’,7’x3’,6’x3
  3. Widely used partition, shutters, wardrobe, frame, roofing.

SRG Wistara

SRG Wistara

Wistara Block Board (double core) of BWP grade is an exterior grade boiling water proof block board manufactured carefully with cross band from the tropical hard wood and pine seasoned i wood as plumber core.

Special features:

  1. Surpasses all parameter of IS 1659 : 2004.
  2. Wistara BWP Block Board (double core) is born tough "7-ply double core (two middle plies) Optimum strength
  3. Enhanced durability due to double cross band mesmerizing look.
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