SRG Leaders

Mr. Sanjay Garg – Chairman

“Massive action and determination is the foundation of great success”
sanjay gargMr. Sanjay Garg joined the business in 1982 and currently serves as a chairman of the company, under his able leadership the company grew from its humble roots into a leading business group. With a conviction to make SRG a global brand Mr. Sanjay shaped and influenced the future development of the Company and ensured that it delivers on its strategic objectives. With the century old background in the wood trade, the management aims to be ranked among the top most players of the Asian subcontinent and be known for its commitment, quality and service.

Mr. Sameer Garg – Managing Director

“When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results”
sameer gargMr. Sameer Garg has been a strong pillar of SRG Group, he Joined business in 1984, since then he has been lending his keen inter-personal skills and business acumen for the expansion and growth of the company. He is instrumental in expanding and supporting overseas expansion. In 1988, he moved to Gandhidham, Gujrat (kandla port) after government launched the OGL Policy (Open General LicensePpolicy). This led the group to enter overseas timber import market.
Since then his meticulous support and insights have added to the growth of the world’s renowned timber company. Today SRG is a leading group and has a strong focus on worldwide networking covering different parts of America, Australia Asia, Africa and Europe.

Mr.Akshat Garg – Director

Live with passion and give your best effort at all times”
akshat-gargWith an international exposure and a systematic approach, Mr. Akshat Garg plays a vital role in SRG’s progress and achievements. Ambitious about taking his family business to new heights and maintaining the brand image he is a fourth generation entrepreneur. He completed his studies in International Business from Kingston University, London. As a directorial employee of SRG, he believes in settling for nothing but the best techniques and processes and has adopted world class strategies and tools such as six-sigma for quality, CRM for customer satisfaction, Competency mapping for SRG workforce.
A passionate environmentalist, he is committed to protecting & conserving the environment and under his guidance SRG guarantees 100% utilization of the wood as a valuable raw material and a full value-adding circle from log wood to end product.