SRG Round Timber Logs

The worldwide activities of the timber logs include the sustainable harvesting of natural and plantation forests, industrial processing, third party sourcing, logistics, trading and marketing. Our dedicated employees ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and are shipped in a timely manner in order to satisfy the demands of our diverse customer base in markets across the globe. We are committed to sustainable forest management practices and forest certification.

SRG Plantation GLOBAL Reach

Sumitra Rajkripal Group Global Reach

Africa North America South America Asia Asia Pasific
Ghana United States Of America Costa Rica Malaysia Australia
Ivory Cost Ecuador Burma New Zealand
Panama Vietnam Papua New Guinea
Columbia Singapore

Species Includes

  • Teak, Paduak, Tali, BilingaDabema, Okan and Kosipo
  • Purple Heart, Green Heart, Kabukalli, Shibidan, Darina,Tatabu, Mora
  • Keruing, SelanganBatu, Gurjan, Teak, Meranti,Kapur, MLH