SRG Wistara Plywood

Wistar is derived from individually selected timber that is known for its natural hardness & termite resistant attributes. Wistar is available in two variant – Wistara Boiling Water Resistance (BWR) is blended with boiling water Resistant liquid PF Synthetic Resin and Wistara Moisture Resistance (MR) is bonded with UF Resin.

Technical Specifications

1 Density of Plywood : 700 KG/CUBIC METER.
2 Screw Holding Strength : >240kg.
3 Nail Holding : >140kg.
4 Swelling in water : < 3%
5 Moisture Content : 8-10%
6 Adhesion of Plies : Excellent.
7 Water Resistance : Passes 8 hrs Boiling list of three cycles or specified is 303
8 My co logicaltest : Excellent Standard even after 21 days standing in 15% sugar solution as specified in IS 303 Standard.

Mostly used for partition, panelling, ceiling, door, window, kitchen, toilet, flooring, cabin and hoarding.
It is ideal for lamination, custom cabinetry and other interior and exterior applications.
Economic category product.