SRG Decor

srg-decorSRG décor is a distinctive and magnificent ply made with the best ornamental sliced decorative teak wood to create picture-perfect memories in your home or office. It enhances your space with natural glow and warmth of golden teakwood, its natural colours are compatible with any kind of polish. Srg décor confirms to the IS: 1328 standard, the product ranges from one sided teak (OST) and both sided teak (BST) grade.

Thickness available: 4mm, 6mm & 8mm, 9mm, 12mm of type 1 as per IS1328:1996

It conforms to the Water Resistance test as per IS 303:1989 specification.

Technical Specification

1 Moisture Content : 8-10%.
2 Adhesion of ply : Excellent
3 Preservative chemical treatment
  • Glue lines are treated with organ phosphoric compound.
  • Plywood is treated with copper-chrome-boron chemical.
4 Screw Holding Strength :>1500N
5 Nail holding strength :>1000N
6 Density of plywood : >700 KG/CUBIC METER
7 Swelling in water : Below 2%


  • Mesmerizing interiors used extensively for wardrobes, panelling, ceiling and cabinets.
  • Creates nature home within home.