SRG Captor

SRG Captor Boiling Water Resistance is manufactured from keuring and from selected tropical hard wood timbers and bonded with boiling water resistance liquid phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin & it is marked and maintained IS 303:1989. It is termite & borer resistant, weather resistant and moisture resistant and chemically treated. It also has the ability to withstand heavy loads. The SRG Captor range includes BWR & MR and is available in the regular sizes. This exceptional facts in SRG Captor makes it right for high quality furniture because of its strength.

Technical Specification:

1 Density of Plywood : 0.75 Gram/C.C.
2 Screw Holding Strength : >250kg.
3 Nail Holding : >150kg.
4 Swelling in water : < 3 %
5 Moisture Content : 8-10%
6 Adhesion of Plies : Excellent.
7 Water Resistance : Passes 8 hrs Boiling list of three cycles or specified is 303
8 Mycological  test : Excellent Standard even after 21 days  standing in 15% sugar solution as specified in IS 303  Standard.

Ideal for panelling, wardrobes, cupboards, residential & office furniture etc.
SRG Captor Moister Resistant Grade is also manufactured with same quality standards with UF Resin Manufactured at our own Resin Plant.