SRG Flush Doors

SRG flush doors are of guaranteed quality, structurally strong & dimensionally stable for both internal & external uses.  This door infill material is made from extract of Solid Pine wood and BWP Grade Adhesives, the process is fully mechanized and proven in industry. The final product is solid and doesn’t warp as per changing temperature. SRG Flush Door can be painted and polished easily for smooth and defect free surface. The naturally durable SRG Flush door is chemically treated from the glue line to finish door, which protects and gives resistance from termite, wood borers and cyclic changes.

SRG Flush Door is marked and maintained IS 2202 (Part-1) 1999

Technical Specification

1 Standard Thickness : 25mm,30mm,32 mm,35mm.
2 Flature of Shutter : Not more than 1mm.
3 Nail Holding : Above 1000N.
4 Screw Holding Strength : Above 1250 N.
5 Local Planner : Within 0.5mm.
6 Squarer and Edge Strengthen : Within 2%.
7 Density of Flush Door : 650 KG /CUBIC METER.
8 Water Absorption : Below 2%


  • SRG flush doors are a mark of excellence, strong and stable it is suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Flush Doors can be turned into Painted and Polished style, CNC Grooved, PVC Foiled, Laminated Doors, Veneer Doors, MDF Doors and designer Doors option with various combinations.