SRG Block Board

SRG Block Board is an exterior grade moisture resistance  block board manufactured carefully with Gurjan cross band and pine seasoned wood as plumber core. It is bonded with superior quality UF Resin of MR grade Manufactured at own Resin Plant. The Block board SRG MR grade is marked and controlled by IS 1659:2004. SRG MR Block board are treated with special preservatives followed by number of stages from manufacturing to finishing to protect it from borers, termites, insects and other wood destroying organisms.

Technical Specification

1 Moisture Content : 8-10%.
2 Density of Block Board •: 600 KG /CUBIC MT.
3 Nail Holding •:>500N.
4 Screw Holding Strength •:>1000N.
5 Preservative treatment : Lumbers are treated with preservative under vacuum pressure by full cell method
6 Standard thickness : 19mm & 25mm
7 Water Absorption : Below 2%


  • SRG flush doors are a mark of excellence, strong and stable it is suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Flush Doors can be turned into Painted and Polished style, CNC Grooved, PVC Foiled, Laminated Doors, Veneer Doors, MDF Doors and designer Doors option with various combinations.