Sumitra Rajkripal group is a worldwide venture headquartered in New Delhi, with an inheritance of more than a century in timber touting, crafting, and disbursing every specie of wood all over India. Sumitra Rajkripal Group is the undoubted kingpin in the plywood precinct with a plethora of futuristic products designed in an eco-friendly way. Our, woodland to furniture approach proudly certifies excellence with designs that meet every demand and expectation.

The company dates to 1895 when the visionary businessman Mr. Rajkripal Garg created the brand and developed it as a symbol of growth for the world. His unmatched expertise, experience and close attention to detail, led to SRG becoming the leading manufacturer of multi-use plywood and veneers in the industry which excels in delivering only the best product to its customers.

Operating with groundbreaking technology and contemporary design, we are known to satisfy our loyal customers with superior products. SRG is the only group providing complete solution for wood and allied products under one roof. Hence our slogan, “FOREST TO FURNITURE”, states all.

Sumitra Rajkripal Group is expanding its international spoor rapidly with its presence in more than 10 provinces in the present day. Going forward, Sumitra Rajkripal group plans to maintain its trustworthiness and increase it's value-driven business operations in the Asian subcontinent and arise as a leader in its fragment. The Brand name is popular and well established in the market as “SRG Ply and Boards”. The strong dealer and distributor network it has is unmatchable.


Shree Rajkripal Ji Garg, Founder

Shree Rajkripal Ji, is the founder of Sumitra Rajkripal Group. He started with a small store and made it into what Sumitra Rajkripal Group is today. His determination and vision to make a difference led him to bring Sumitra Rajkripal Group amongst the top most timber companies in India. He is also a very well-known socialist in Hapur. At a young age, he devoted his life to the education of girls, a concept that was almost non-existent in those days. He founded the C.B.S.C school, Smt. Brahmadevi Saraswati Balika Vidya Mandir, in 1988, with only 10 students. Today, the school has nearly 1800 students, 65 teachers, 25 projects and 1,250 awards, A school that started with necessities, today, imparts education through modern technology like e-learning, smart classes, and online tests..

His vision for Sumitra Rajkripal Group and our ‘Incredible India’ is to learn, to educate, to create, to envision a future, in which, we conquer the world with loyalty, quality and commitment. He is a guide, an inspiration and the pride of Sumitra Rajkripal Group.

Mr. Sanjay Garg, Chairmain

“No dreams are big when will power is bigger.”

Sanjay Garg has led Sumitra Rajkripal Group since 1950 and currently serves as a chairman of the company, under his able leadership the company grew from its differential roots into a paramount business group. With a conviction to make SRG a global brand Mr. Sanjay sculptured and influenced the future blooming of the Company and ensured that it delivers on its strategic aspirations. With the century old background in the wood trade, the management sights to be classified among the topmost players of the Asian subcontinent and be known for its commitment, quality and service.

Sumitra Rajkripal Group is committed to strengthen its leading position in the Indian wood and allied industry. With the century old background in the wood trade, the management aims to be ranked among the topmost players of the Asian subcontinent and known for its commitment, quality and service. He said, “We want a small space in mind and heart of everyone whether we are associated with them or not directly or indirectly.”

In the meet held in Goa on 28-29 July 2017, which witnessed the presence for more than 200 dealers from all over India, Sanjay Garg talked about GST and said, “In my opinion GST is an opportunity. It will speed up our activity and remove the hidden costs or business activity and put us on the fast track of growth. GST has facilitated us to adopt the inventory system of business dealings, which can run without the owner at the place.” We should see GST as an opportunity to adopt management system and expand your business with having time to family also.”

Mr. Sameer Garg, M.D.

“When you’re obligated to something, you accept no excuses; only results”

Mr. Sameer Garg has been a strong pillar of Sumitra Rajkripal Group; bestow his keen inter-personal skills and business acumen for the expansion and magnification of the company. He has been associated with the business since the early 1950s; he was instrumental in enlarging and supporting overseas expansion. In 1988, he moved to Gandhidham (Kandla Port) after government launched the OGL Policy (open general license policy). This led the group to enter overseas timber import market.

Since then his meticulous aid and insights have added to the magnification of the world’s eminent timber company. Today SRG is a leading group and has a strong focus on worldwide networking covering various parts of America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe.

In the meet held in Goa on 28-29 July 2017, which witnessed the presence for more than 200 dealers from all over India, Mr. Sameer Garg addressed the dealers and said, “In a brief period our products have acquired a strong position in India. We are being considered as a renowned brand in the market. Our mantra is to improve our quality with continuous innovation.” He added further, “We have been working with the objective to provide all solution under one roof and facilitate our customers to their maximum requirement at one place, SRG is the only company who itself procures every ingredient for making our products from local as well as overseas suppliers. Therefore, we can provide better quality under strict production norms at economic price range. We believe that we will double our growth in very short time.” Talking about GST as his concern, he said, “As you know that since few months there is very much instability in the market due to demonetization and roll out of GST. We request you to make your business transaction on cashless basis and contribute to the nation building initiative so that our nation can grow leaps and bound. Our little contribution can make our nation an economic super power.”

SRG Group Companies

Garg Lumbers Pvt Ltd is a leading importer and suppliers of timbers and various species of wood. A name known for its assured quality and trust deals in all kinds of logs and swan timber. This brand celebrates its patronage from clients worldwide, specially known for soft wood, hard wood and decorative wood types.
Rajkripal Exim Pvt Ltd is the undisputed leader in the plywood sector with a plethora of innovative products designed in an ecofriendly way. Our forest to furniture approach forms the basis of all our processes and technology. Our signature products such as SRG Club, SRG plywood, SRG captor, SRG Wistara, SRG flexi, SRG Décor, SRG shuttering plywood, SRG flush door and SRG block boardare used extensively in commercial and domestic settings.
Rajkripal Timber Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of timber logs Specializing in bespoke products and services, it has gained incredible wave amongst its clientale.
Sumitra Woodcrafts Pvt Ltd is a global brand based out of India that designs exemplary furniture to enhance your stay. Our values of uncompromised quality and durability guarantees utmost satisfaction to the clients. We manufacture superior quality durable furniture using the best wood. Our designs are accepted globally and thus we are major supplier of furniture in the American and the European market. Our clientele includes retailers, wholesalers, chain stores, hoteliers and interior designers.
Woodshooper Online India Pvt. Ltd. is an online destination to meet the needs of your home or office in the most luxurious and worthwhile way. Our each furniture is nothing less than a royal setting that enriches your abode and makes you feel complete. Our every product is crafted with love and we believe in our core values of commitment and trust to meet the highest standards of customer expectation. We are proud of our exclusive collection that includes, tables, chairs, wardrobes, sofas, consoles and everything that your home dreams of.

Seed of Success

SRG is dedicated to building trust & long-term alliance with our clients and patrons, which elongates within and beyond the boundaries of our executive and professional formalities. With a vigor to move forward with innovation, determination and cutting-edge mechanization, we are determined to achieve highest excellence and honest alliance. Starting with a differential beginning back in 1895 to becoming the figurehead in the wood industry now, we owe a big thanks to all our patrons, vendors and associates for joining us on this prodigious expedition.

SRG Milestones

  • 2016

    Launched an online e-commerce furniture venture known as Woodshooper Online India Pvt. Ltd.

  • 2012

    Mr Akshat Garg joined the business and explored opportunities in South America. Our international footprint further extended to Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia and Panama.

  • 2010

    SRG added a new plant in Gandhidham, Gujarat for making Gurjan Plywood.

  • 2007

    Sumitra Woodcraft Pvt. Ltd. our 100% export unit was established in Ghaziabad near New Delhi. Our furniture is known for its quality in the European and US market.

  • 2004

    The group added a wing of manufacturing of core veneer in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh.

  • 1996

    SRG started the trading of Plywood in all parts of Uttar Pradesh and North India.

  • 1988

    A new setup in Gandhidham, Gujarat with 25 saw mills and Teak wood Trading was started.

  • 1984

    SRG creates international footprints under the leadership of Mr Sameer Garg, expanding its presence to Malaysia, New Zealand, Ghana and Burma.

  • 1982

    Mr. Sanjay Garg joined the business and strengthened the roots of the group in all parts of India. Also SRG started importing from Nepal.

  • 1945

    Shri Rajkripal Ji joined the business and expanded the business in various parts of the country.

  • 1895

    Late Shri Shambu Nath Ji founded the group and SRG came into existence.